Simplifi App

To kick off my Blog I might as well talk about my latest project, the Simplifi App. While learning Swift to update my iOS skills, I decided to also scratch an itch that was bugging me for a long time, and write my own simple and fast project management app.

Project management sounds so complex, but in reality what I really wanted is a simple place to write down all my ongoing projects, and stuff that needs to be done for those projects. For the longest time I have been using AnyDo, but that app is infuriatingly slow to start on my iPhone 5, and takes up entirely way too much space.

What I really wanted is a simple app to create a list of projects, and then add different tasks to those projects. I also really wanted an ability to set partial progress, so if I get rolling on a task, but don’t quite finish it, I could still have that satisfying experience of bumping the progress.

And thus, the Simplifi App was born. Simplifi will not bug you with notifications and in general will stay out of your way until you need it. It’s fully gesture driven and fills the entire main screen with your data instead of unnecessary UI. It starts in under 2 seconds on my aging iPhone, and returns from background instantaneously. All of the assets are vector graphics generated by the amazing Paint Code App, so the total app size is quite small.

I know Simplifi isn’t for everyone, and other than the partial progress bar, it doesn’t really offer anything that you haven’t seen in other To-Do apps. But it’s simple, fast, free, and hopefully just right for some people.

Currently it just runs on iOS (iPhone and iPad), but if people like it, maybe I’ll use it as a learning project to learn the new Android Studio. Give it a try!

Available in the App Store!