De-suckafying Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard

Are you tired of your new MackBook keyboard having all the tactile feel of a concrete slab? Do you need more feedback to type more accurately? Do you love the sound of a mechanical keyboard, but are also have the common sense of decency not to use one in a public place? Well, you are in luck! I just open sourced my Mechanical Keyboard Simulator after realizing how much of a difference it makes on the new butterfly keyboards Apple insists on shoving into every computer.

You can find the source code for it on GitHub, and if you are of the paranoid nature, as you should be, you can compile it using latest XCode. Take a look at it, or rather, a listen. Trust me, it will make you fall in love with your MacBook keyboard all over again!

You can read my previous post about this project here.

Download Source Code and Install Files