10 Random Ideas for August 21, 2017

Everyday I try to think of 10 ideas. Sometimes interesting, sometimes thought provoking, and often enough pretty stupid. The point is to get the brain thinking, to exercise the brain muscle.

None of these have been researched or really thought through. All of them are original, as in I thought of them, but many may not be novel, as you know what they say, geniuses think alike 🙂

Since ideas are useless if you don’t share them with the world, I decided to post them here. If you like any of them, go for it, make them. If you ever want to chat about any of them with me, just look me up on sdbr.net or read my latest ideas on datarig.com. Thanks for reading!

Here are my ideas for August 21, 2017:

  1. Blind date site with average rankings and nonverbal reviews. Make money by selling tickets and restaurant coupons. First Steps: find if it exists, if not, ask people if they would want it on CL (men and women).
  2. Book about the counter eclipse. People live on the planet where there is no sun, but life is adopted to grow based on heat of the planet. They don’t see color, until today. First Steps: Write an outline, think of the conflict.
  3. App that allows people to see how they would look if they were to shave their head. First Steps: see if it exists, check the tech for doing it. Alternative, service with remote workers.
  4. Laptop with sliding rails around the screen, so the screen can be elevated above the keyboard to eye level. First Steps: Make a virtual prototype.
  5. Device that monitors your face using AI while you are in the room and does home automation tasks for you. Look at a light switch, it asks you “turn it off?” you say “yes”, and it turns off. First Steps: check if patented, if not, patent it. Sell it to Google.
  6. TV show about a robot technician who has to solve robot crime. Twist, it’s robot against robot. We thought they were safe, we made it impossible to kill a human, but they still have the need, the need to kill. First Steps:Write a pitch and an outline, post it online.
  7. Online website that uses Crypto (somehow, not sure how to do this yet) to allow authors to upload screen plays or anything else to the site with end-to-end encryption. They have the key, the site authenticated date of the upload for future legal cases. Charge to store files per year, or one time fee for encryption with only local copy stored. Also charge to decrypt and authenticate date in court. First Steps: check competition, ask on authors blogs if they need this.
  8. Mechanical bow release for people who lost their hand in accident or war, but still want to bow hunt. Above the elbow attachment with remote mouth release. Open jaw to release arrow. First Steps: Check if it exists or patented. If not, design, patent, sell to bow manufacturer. It’s good for their brand, shows they care about disabled people, and it helps people who are injured to stay active.
  9. HDMI + Power + USB cable and USB Hub with internal power regulator to convert any monitor to a single cable monitor to keep the desk clean. Power cable is standard on all monitors. USB hub is double sticky taped to the back of the monitor. Any monitor becomes a fancy single cable monitor for ultra clean desk. First Steps: Check if exists, if not, contact manufacturers to see price quote. Possibly post on Ebay a CGI design for sale and see if it will sell for $80. If sold, refund money and start production.
  10. Yoga mat and foam roller combination. Foam roller is hollow, with attachment points for a sling, and cap. use it as a Yoga mat bag and foam roller. Add BT speaker inside for a more fancy model. First Steps: Check if it exists. Make CGI copy and post on Instagram, see if people want it.
  11. Bonus: Make a website that allows people to make a quick one page landing page for a product and collect emails or preorders to test out idea. Allow people to reserve a product for $1 (set price), automatically refundable if not ready to ship within X days. Feed those people into Kickstarter, etc. First Steps: Check if exists, design the code and sample pages. Test market with other product ideas.